What can I do in the event of damage to a Westfjord product?

Clothing can sometimes get a little bit damaged. And if this does happen, we are happy to help you as much as we can because, at Westfjord, our objective is to make clothing that lasts as long as possible, and is not just thrown away.

In the event of wear and tear, please email us at  service@westfjord.com and include the following information: the product name, the date and place of purchase, an exact description of the damage, and include photos of the damage and proof of purchase. We will assess your request and get back to you as soon as possible. In most cases, you can send the products to us for professional repair. The repair is either free of charge or subject to a minimal charge, depending on the extent of the damage. Further details are in the table below.

For reasons of hygiene, we only accept and inspect washed textiles and cleaned footwear. Please be aware that the repair process may take some time. We assume no liability for damage and defects resulting from improper use, handling, storage, carelessness or incorrect care (see Washing Instructions  and maintenance, or from overuse or incorrect repair.


Package Content Price
A Replacement parts posted directly to you: press studs, zips, zip pullers, zip sliders, waterproofing gel, sholaces, patches, insoles, speelaces. 0 €
B Lace replacement, rip and tear repair, zip repair, zip slider replacement, jacket re-waterproofing, down jacket wash and dry. Price includes return shipping. 15 €
C Zip replacement, rip and tear repair for windproof products. Price includes return shipping. 25 €